Do Electronic Cigarettes Taste Good?

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Electronic cigarettes not only taste good, they can taste like just about anything you want. There is no restriction on the flavors that can be added to e-juice, so if you want a traditional tobacco flavor or something way out there, like mango, you can probably find it. Electronic cigarettes taste good with a lot of different things that taste good with tobacco, as well.

Electronic cigarettes taste good with coffee. For many people who are switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, this is a big concern. One of the joys such people usually treasure is having a strong cup of coffee and a cigarette. E-cigarettes taste just as good and, with the different flavors available, you can add more variety to the experience. One particularly popular mix is vanilla e-cigarette and coffee. The vanilla flavor leaves a hint of aftertaste that melds perfectly with a cup of good coffee. Chocolate, mint, menthol with coffee are very popular, of course. There are even e-cigarette cartridges that taste like coffee, perhaps offering a way to make your morning more efficient!

Electronic cigarettes taste good after meals, as well. This is another particularly hard ritual for traditional smokers to give up. If you're accustomed to washing down a great meal with a long smoke, you won't be disappointed by switching to vapor. Of course, you can usually vaporize right at the table instead of standing outside the restaurant, as well.

Electronic cigarettes taste good, but you have to learn to tell when a cartridge is wearing out. They usually last as long as a pack of cigarettes, but sometimes they last shorter or longer periods of time, depending upon how much you use them. When they're ready to be changed, you'll start to notice that the taste gets harsher. The vapor will also become thin. This is when it's time to toss it out and get another.

If you're going out, be sure to take a spare cartridge with you. If you used to be a traditional smoker, you'll understand how social that activity can be. Vaporizing is no less social and, if you get some friends together and are all enjoying e-smokes, you'll likely find yourself going through cartridges faster. Having one fresh cartridge can almost guarantee that you'll be fine if you want to stay out late and perhaps enjoy some coffee and e-cigs during the small hours.

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Do Electronic Cigarettes Taste Good?

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This article was published on 2010/12/29