How Does a Clove Flavored E-Cigarette Taste?

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Clove cigarettes are very popular. They're also illegal in some states, owing to health concerns about inhaling the cloves included in the tobacco mix. Whether or not they present an increased danger over cigarettes, they remain very popular options. Clove flavored e-cigarette options were not long in coming to the market once these devices took off.

A clove flavored e-cigarette only contains e-juice. Unlike a regular clove cigarette, they contain no actual clove in them. They produce vapor just as does any other e-cigarette. There's no extra smoke component to the vapor required to produce the clove flavor.

A clove flavored e-cigarette tastes surprisingly like a regular clove cigarette. The vapor, of course, is not nearly as harsh and dry as a clove cigarette tends to be. E-cigarettes also leave no scent remaining in the air after a few seconds, so there's no need to worry about your house smelling like cloves or tobacco when you use one of these indoors.

Some people prefer cloves because the taste compliments other indulgences. A clove flavored e-cigarette, for instance, tends to go well with strong coffee drinks, such as espresso, as the clove's flavor balances out the bitterness of the coffee. Cloves also tend to taste good after eating certain foods and some people plan ahead when they go out to have such a dinner. Cloves have always been associated with people who have more exotic tastes, and a clove flavored e-cigarette can appeal to that sensibility a great deal.

Remember that the taste of clove adds a bit of extra punch to the vapor. You may want to consider getting a lesser strength in nicotine levels when you purchase clove cartridges. The clove flavor sometimes adds enough hit to the cartridge that the higher nicotine content isn't desirable.

If you just want to try clove cartomizers out, order a pack from your manufacturer. Even people who love cloves tend not to smoke them all the time because of the strong taste. They're nice to have around when you're planning a special evening or when you just want a switch from the norm. If you haven't tasted a clove cigarette before, you may want to experiment with this flavor. It has a lot of body and can leave a pleasant aftertaste. It also has a distinctive smell, which adds a whole new dimension to the taste.

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How Does a Clove Flavored E-Cigarette Taste?

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This article was published on 2010/12/29