Indulge In Delectable Delight Of Indian Namkeens

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Gone are the days when samosas, chaats and the like dominated the scene of Indian snacks platter. In the present times, namkeens are making inroads into the proverbial category of the traditional Indian snacks. Be it Diwali or any other festivity, a friend's birthday, a celebration at home, or just another weekend outing with kith and kin, namkeens are the must present item on the snack platter in every family and occasion.

Many think that munching on these salty spicy namkeens can send an open invite to the unwanted calories. However, they are in for a pleasant surprise as such namkeens not only makes your mouth go ummmm, but are fitness and health friendly as well. Indian namkeens comprises of the rich, authentic and high quality ingredients reflecting the mouthwatering traditional Indian taste.

Spicy, plain, chilly-chatka, tangy, roasted they come in different tastes which can appease the taste buds of different people as per their own preferences and likings.
Indian namkeen snacks generally comprises of the varieties like chana daal, mung daal, aloo bhujiya, khatta mitha mixture, masala sev, potato chips, laccha mixture and many more. In fact every second day a new flavor is introduced in the market.

While Indians might have stared relishing several international cuisines and the regional dishes as well, all Indians have found their liking for the amazing tasty and lip smacking namkeen as snacks. Nothing absolutely nothing can surpass the flavor and taste of Indian namkeens as a snack or an appetizer. You can enjoy the mouth-watering taste of these unique savories any time, anywhere.
Flavored namkeen have come a long way serving the snack lovers in Indians. However, the expansive range of the masala namkeens have gone a step ahead and managed to tantalize the taste buds of many people outside India as well. It is not very uncommon to spot a foreigner munch on the delectable and sumptuous crunchy munchy namkeens.
While traditionally namkeens were made by locals in small sweet shops, the market has expanded to the limit that many major brands and players are coming in to encash this domain of food market further. No wonder the delicious namkeens are thronging the market under the name of umpteen brands.

Besides, these Indian nankeens are replete with spices that are in turn known for their amazing herbal properties. After all these ingredients include several cereal based flours and nuts which forms the perfect combination of both health and taste.

The best part about these yummy, sumptuous snacks is that they are pocket friendly. Everyone can savor the delectable flavor of these snacks without fretting about pinching their pocket hard at all. It surely works as the tongue ticklers that need not cost a bomb.

Namkeens form perfect evening snacks and the best way to wow the guests dropping by unannounced at the last moment. You need not fret thinking about what to serve to the guests who suddenly come in. After all with such varied range of yummy namkeens available, even the guests would not like to miss out on them and crave for any other delectable crunchies-munchies. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and savor the taste of lip-smacking, fingerlicious exquisite range of namkeen available all around in the market
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Indulge In Delectable Delight Of Indian Namkeens

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This article was published on 2011/02/16