Losing One of Your Five Senses

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If you had to lose one of your five senses which one would you pick?

Seeing, hearing, touch, smell, taste, are the five senses.

We will start with taste. I think this would be my pick because it really couldn't majorly change your life by losing it. You wouldn't be able to taste so you wouldn't get really hooked on some foods making you eat more than you should. You wouldn't be able to taste things that are horrible either. You would probably eat healthier and be healthier.

Smell would be my second choice. If you couldn't smell things it really couldn't hurt you except in a case of fire or smelling gas leaking. You would miss smelling the wonderful scents of life but you could be OK.

Hearing would be hard, all the things you would miss. You could, though, learn to read lips and then you would not miss anything being said to you. You would though never hear what is going on around you and this would case a lot of aggravation. You would also have to be careful not to be hurt suddenly because you could not hear the car coming or something falling behind you.

Touch would be horrible, not ever being able to hold the people you love or be held by them would be awful.

Seeing would be the hardest and the sense I would not ever want to be without. Never being able to see has to be the hardest, you miss everything. I say that and I have a brother in law who lost his sight in his twenties from a horrible car accident. He bowls, golfs, owns his own business, and gets around very well. Still though it would be a hard sense to be without.

When you really sit down to think about this topic, you really start to appreciate what you have.

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Losing One of Your Five Senses

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This article was published on 2010/04/01