Making Your Food Look Deliciously Fancy

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Even though your house might be squeaky clean and totally mess-free, you still need items to decorate it. You set up some silk plants just because they happen to look great in your living room. Similarly, you want your patio to be decorated with some artificial plants because they add an extra charm to the whole area. But why do you need to be a little fancy? Well, you might not think of a genuine explanation to that!

Apart from your house, your field of expertise might also be your culinary skills. You might cook delicious food, but until and unless you do not fancy it up a little bit, you are not going to enjoy eating it. Here are a few tips to include the "wow" factor in your cookery.

An important part of your cooking is seasoning. Once you season the dish well, you just happen to get a mouthwatering taste at an instant! When you are seasoning your dishes, make sure you do not just add salt, you add plenty of salt. However, you must remember it is not the table salt here, it is the kosher salt.

Use kosher salt before grilling meat and roasting poultry. Moreover, you should also add salt to the water you use for boiling pasta. Use handfuls of salt to make the water sufficiently salty. You can also use a lot of salt in the water you use to boil potatoes when you are making mashed potatoes.

Another good idea is to use flavored liquids for your food. Instead of using plain water in your soups, for steaming the vegetables, braising or poaching, use differently flavored liquids, such as broth, stock or wine. You can also use vegetable stock instead of plain water when you are cooking rice.

Butter is another magic ingredient that can enhance the taste of your food. Butter has its own salty and creamy taste which can give your food a better taste. If you are health conscious, using real butter instead of margarine will be a better option, because real butter will not contain added artificial flavors, emulsifiers, preservatives, etc.

Sometimes, you only need a slight touch of expertise in the prepared meals. You might have added enough seasoning, but if you still feel some room for improvement, what you need is a little acid in your food. Adding vinegar, lime or wine will provide the intended taste you are looking for. This will not only enhance the taste, but also balance the sweet taste in your food.

Now finally, it is the presentation. A great tip to enhance the presentation of your food is to work well with the contrast. For instance, you might roast a chicken. Outside, the chicken may look crispy brown, but inside it might be tender and juicy. Likewise, adding celery with mashed potatoes will again make up a great contrast.

It is not about what you cook, it is about how you cook it. Use these tips to enhance the taste of your dishes to receive some great praise on your cookery. Good luck!

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Making Your Food Look Deliciously Fancy

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This article was published on 2010/10/21