Relish The Smoothness Of Balvenie & Mcivor Scotches

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Scotches are one of the most appreciated whiskeys in the world, with unparalleled richness and exquisiteness that everyone loves to savor. Balvenie scotch is one of the most loved whiskeys, and offers a honeyed taste that has assisted it in creating a niche following. Similarly, the McIvor scotch has its own audience that swears by the name, as well as the taste, of this affordable whiskey from Scotland. Both these whiskies are available all over the world, including the leading Syosset liquor stores at economical prices, due to which the masses are able to enjoy the best at low rates.

Balvenie scotch is well known among the connoisseurs of Scottish whiskeys as the sister of the highly reputed Glenfiddich. The makers of Balvenie produce the following whiskeys year after year:

The Balvenie DoubleWood, Aged 12 Years
The Balvenie Signature, Aged 12 Years
The Balvenie GoldenCask, Aged 14 Years
The Balvenie Single Barrel, Aged 15 Years
The Balvenie PortWood, Aged 21 Years
The Balvenie Thirty, Aged 30 Years
The Balvenie Forty, Aged 40 Years

Apart from these, the makers produce Limited Edition whiskeys from time to time to appease the palate of the drinkers. The experts at leading Syosset wine stores say that the smoothness of this whiskey is the distinctive feature in all variants. The flavors usually comprise that of nuts, spices and honey.

For those who want a cost effective Scottish whiskey, then there is none better than the McIvor scotch. It is a fairly new entrant in the segment of economical scotches, but is already has a fanbase that is growing at a rapid pace. The deep golden amber color mesmerizes the taste buds of the drinkers, whilst the aromas of roasted nuts and toffee soothe the nose.

The taste is best described as delicate, with a seemingly dry & medium bodied palate that is complemented by the presence of the flavors of sweet buttery caramel, delicate spices, dusty minerals and white peppers. The entry is quite delicate, and the finish is also quite cherishable, with distinguishable notes of lean minerals & petrol, which also have hints of caramel & dried heather, according to prominent Syosset wine stores.
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Relish The Smoothness Of Balvenie & Mcivor Scotches

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This article was published on 2010/10/18