Watch a Galaxy of the Wonders of Medan

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Medan the fourth largest city in Indonesia is home to a cultural mix of Asian and Western cultures and has a rich historical past.  It is one of the few cities in this region that has still preserved its ancient heritage and even the buildings and monuments one sees the reflection of that aspect of Medan. Excitehotehotels.comwith their affordable prices on hotels in Medan is a good way to take a trip to Medan.

The Maimun Palace stands out in the Medan's cityscape and it is still home to the Sultan of Deli. The palace has a rich mixture of both Dutch and Malay architectural style and one can find colorful paintings and murals on ceilings which depict the different cultural aspects of Medan. Another landmark which stands out in Medan is the Tjong A Fie Mansion where one finds a mix of Chinese and Indonesian architecture. The other famous shrine in Medan is the Catholic Church which is built in Indo-Mughal style design and called Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni Church. It has already become a very important pilgrimage site in Indonesia.

Taste Mouth-Watering Delicacies of Medan

The first dish you must order to get a taste of Medan is the Indonesian Mee Soto which is a delicious chicken soup only found in Indonesia which would make your taste buds come alive with the exotic spices they use in it. Visitors staying in Medan hotels can taste the Indonesian Coconut Beef which is made from boneless sirloin steak with grated coconut. Indonesia also has great desserts like Bubur Pulut Hitam which is Black Rice Dessert and Getuk Lindri which is Coconut Sweet Potato Cake.

Take a spin through the nightlife of Medan…step out of the comfort of your hotels in Medan and step into one of the numerous nightclubs that are famous for their Rave Parties. As an alternative you could chill out and wind down in any of the bars and pubs or just sit in a hawker stall and enjoy a plate of noodles or Nasi Goreng with a cup of hot tea to light up your night by listening to some of the local music. If there was a twenty-fifth hour for the day there would also be something to do in offers great accommodation rooms in Medan hotels at discounted prices as an opportunity to discover an exotic and aesthetic destination. offers Affordable Hotel Rooms in Medan

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Watch a Galaxy of the Wonders of Medan

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This article was published on 2010/11/20