Which Electronic Cigarette Taste is Best?

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If you're moving from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes, you'll find many more options available to you. Cigarettes usually come in two flavors: menthol and regular. Electronic cigarette taste choices are much broader than this. Depending upon your preferences, you'll find that there are many different choices you can make. Some e-smokers prefer to stick with a traditional tobacco flavor and others get more exotic. There are even flavors that emulate the taste of the most popular brands of regular cigarettes and this is where some e-smokers choose to start their vaporizing journey.

If you're a menthol smoker, you'll find that there are plenty of options. Menthol is but one electronic cigarette taste you might choose. There are also mint flavors and other variations on the theme that may appeal to you. If you want something different that's also familiar, give one of these flavors a try. In some cases, the e-cigarettes have a bolder taste than regular cigarettes. You can also try different types of e-cigarette fluid to customize your taste. Some smokers like to switch between one and another for variety in this regard.

For those who have more traditional tastes, the tobacco-flavored cartridges are a good option. Remember that this particular electronic cigarette taste contains no actual tobacco. The taste can be quite similar, however. Most often, it's not as thick as the taste of a tobacco cigarette. This is because the vapor produced by an e-cigarette doesn't have all the additional chemicals that are found in tobacco. The tobacco-flavored cartridges will also prevent those around you from getting the distinctive tobacco smell in their clothing and hair. You may taste a full-flavored cigarette, but there are none of the common drawbacks associated with burning that plant.

Your electronic cigarette taste will change as you puff on the device. This is due to the amount of fluid in the reservoir material diminishing as its vaporized away. When your cigarette becomes harsh or when you have a hard time getting a good draw, it's time to change the cartridge. Some cartridges are refillable and others are replaced completely. If your cartridge gets hot while you're drawing on it—a little heating is normal—it's a sign that the reservoir may be dry, as well. When you change the cartridge, you may find it fun to have a few different options in flavors available so that you can keep it interesting.

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Which Electronic Cigarette Taste is Best?

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This article was published on 2010/11/02